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You Turn India – English

You Turn India - English

This book identifies three waves of plunder that have left India impoverished in the last 1000 years, specially, the last wave of plunder through blatant corruption and black monies. Fortunately this third wave is reversible. A U-turn is possible! The book shows the way for not only recovering the hoarded monies but also rejuvenating India with these monies.


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Ancient India was rich, not just in culture, tradition and value system, but also in terms of money and wealth. In fact, India was known as the ‘golden bird’ for its abundant raw materials, gems, and precious stones. However, in the last 1,000 years, the glorious land lost all its wealth. History of India reveals that three waves of plunders left the country impoverished. This book elaborates these plunders, invasions and merciless loot that resulted in acute poverty of today. Of the three waves of plunders, India was hit hard by the last wave. Blatant corruption and black money became one of the major challenges of modern India. Authors D.K. Hema Hari and D.K. Hari, however, write that the third wave is reversible. A U-turn is possible for India. Their findings and in-depth research are an eye-opener for every Indian. The book lists ways for recovering the hoarded money and also reinventing India with this recovered money. In a detailed explanation, You-Turn India exposes the one channel through which all the hoarded money can be brought back to India, and can be used to strengthen all sectors of India, thus empowering the Indian economy. That one channel is water. Can India truly get its lot glory back as a golden bird by using the power of water? Can prosperity truly be its pillar and can India fight the evils of poverty, corruption and black money? That’s what You Turn India is all about.

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