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Knowing New India – English

Knowing New India - English

It is a work aimed at using the Transforming Governance in India from 2014, as a model for educating a common-man about the fundamentals of Governance, the work of a progressive Government and the larger issues that confront a Government, using the present Indian Government, as a good example of a forward looking, democratic Government in the present world and in the present state that India is in.


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This work is a narration of the transformation of India into a New India, which was set into motion from 2014. It is about a New India that looks likely to emerge, changed in many respects, from around 2020. Many a time, work done by successive Governments, are seen in disconnect from one another. Likewise, different steps taken by different ministries of the same Government, are also seen in isolation. The vision, the purpose and the impact, behind the various steps taken by a Government are not known to the common man due to various reasons such as the size and scope of the entire system being as big as the Government and the country, the lack of “socially minded” people / bodies without political and commercial media agenda to speak about the work of a Government in a wholesome manner to the common man, the lack of steps to educate the people on the knowledge and information needed to understand the rationale behind the steps taken, the lack of efforts to rationally connect the decisions being taken by the Government of the day, with the happenings of the larger past which is the legacy and at times, baggage of the nation, that is actually carried by the Government of the day, and the absence of steps to place a Government’s action vis-à-vis the ethos, character and assets of the nation, to enable people to emotionally relate to the Government’s policies and actions. For, each step taken by the Government, affects mainly people and their progeny in the short and long run and This work looks at the schemes and programs launched by the Indian Government of 2014, in the context of the progress of India. For, it is context, which can help in gaining an understanding of anything in a wholesome manner.




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