Yognidra Meditation -Acd Bengali


A simple guided meditation by Gurudev Sri Sri Ravishankar that elevates your consciousness and takes you to your innermost depth

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A yoga routine provides deep restoration to your body and the mind. And to make your practice more effective, it’s ideal to end your yoga sequence with yoga nidra (yogic sleep). In yoga nidra, we consciously take our attention to different parts of the body and relax them. Simply described as effortless relaxation, yoga nidra is an essential end to any yoga pose sequence. Yoga postures ‘warm up’ the body; yoga nidra ‘cools it down’. Yoga practices increase the energy levels in the body. Yoga Nidra helps conserve and consolidate this energy and relax the entire system, preparing it for pranayama and meditation. It is, therefore, important to keep aside sufficient time for yoga nidra after yoga postures. . Yoga Nidra is not about ‘conscious effort’ but ‘conscious relaxation’. For example, the moment you hear the word ‘apple,’ its image instantly flashes through your mind. You don’t need to put in an effort to think whether it’s small or big, red or green. The same happens during yoga nidra. You don’t need to ‘concentrate’ or ‘focus’ on what a leg is, or touch your nose. Nor do you need to physically move these body parts. You only need to gently take your attention to them, while taking deep breaths. The trick in yoga nidra is to: relax with awareness, remain effortless and consciously relax the body and mind. It is quite natural to be distracted by random thoughts during yoga nidra. Do not try and curb them. If you fall asleep naturally, don’t feel guilty once you wake up. Yoga nidra is thus a joyous, effortless way to end your yoga practice. Let go, relax and enjoy the experience that follows. As refreshing as sleep, yoga nidra is a ‘super nap’. In just a short while, it leaves you deeply rested and freshens you up in a way no tea or coffee can. Benefits of Yoga Nidra: ● Cools down the body after yoga postures, restoring normal temperature ● Activates the nervous system to absorb the effects of yoga asanas. Getting ready for Yoga Nidra: ● The stomach has to be empty or light before the practice. It is not recommended to practice yoga asanas or yoga nidra after a full meal. ● A comfortable clutter free space. ● Some people may feel a little cold after Yoga Nidra, so, it is a good idea to keep a light blanket handy.

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Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar


Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar


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