Yoga Vasistha Vol. 1-10 -Acd English


This is the highest knowledge on consciousness. Audio of the select portion of this monumental scripture opens up the mind and brings forth the closest description of the inexplicable. It is of the greatest help to the spiritual seekers to have a direct experience of the Truth.

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Narrated by Arun Madhavanji and Atikaji.

Yoga Vasistha is one of the most profound and unique Indian scriptures. unlike most other scriptures which were narrated by Gods, Yoga Vasistha was narrated to God Himself. It is an enlightening compilation of the teachings of Sage Vasistha imparted to lord rama giving a deep understanding of this world and how this creation is the play and display of consciousness.

These ten Audio CDs will set you on a remarkable journey of self discovery, unfolding the secrets of mind and matter, perception and reality.

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