Tirupati – English


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It is said that Lord Vishnu manifested himself in this temple in order to guide the people of Kali age towards emancipation. Therefore this temple is also called as Bhuloka Vaikuntam (the abode of Vishnu on the earth) and Lord Balaji is called as the Kaliyuga Pratyakshadaivam (manifested lord of the Kali age).

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When Vishnu returned to Vaikuntha after his Krishna avatar, Brahma, the creator, began to worry about the earth. Without Vishnu, he was afraid, chaos would ensue. So he and his Narada, the wandering sage, set in motion a plan to get Vishnu to return to the earth. A talking anthill, an arrogant sage, an irate cowherd, and even the asura king Ravana, each have their parts to play in these stories that describe the founding of the Venkateshwara temple of Tirupati. Set amidst the lovely Tirumala hills, this temple to Lord Vishnu, is one of the most beautiful temples in the world. It is said that more than 50,000 people visit this shine every day, to pray to Venkateshwara to wash away their sins.

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