The Guiding Light – Biography of Bhanumathi Narasimhan


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In the guiding Light, Farheen Ahmed shows, through Bhanu Didi’s extraordinary life, how things beautiful and meaningful may start small, yet they can magically add up to something very significant

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Bhanumati Narasimhan, fondly known as Bhanu Didi, is a special woman. It has been her mission to spread the eternal message of peace, love, light and human values. For over three decades, she has gravitated towards global initiatives such as education for the girl child, women empowerment, meditation programmes, as well as focussed on environmemtal conservation. She is not only a social activist, a gifted singer and an author, but also a perfect mother and a seasoned homemaker. Sri Sri Ravi Shankar’s sister, Bhanumati Narasimhan has carried forwards the rich tradition of embodying excellence in human spirit. Her vision and mission are simple- to create a stress-free world.

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