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Shiva Parvathy – English

Shiva Parvathy - English

It was imperative that a child was born to shiva and Parvathy to save the world from the terror unleashed by Tarakasura. Shiva had cut short the desire for love through passionate meditation. Due to Parvati`s brilliant efforts and after much penance, she won the love of Lord Shiva.


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A powerful demon threatens the gods in their heavens. They need a saviour, who, Lord Brahma decrees, will be the son born to Shiva and Parvathi. But Shiva – a badly-dressed, untidy, solitary ascetic – seems to enjoy bachelorhood. Even Parvati’s unmatched beauty aided by Kama, the god of love, seems unequal to the task of enchanting the stern lord. This illustrated classic is based on Kumara Sambhava of Kalidasa.


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