An Intimate Note To The Sincere Seeker- English

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Great teachers have the quality of simplifying complex subjects and making them understandable for anyone. For an enlightened master, the subject is all of life and everything that falls within its purview. In this book, Gurudev touches nearly all aspects of life – relationships and dealing with people, letting go and holding on, understanding one’s patterns, love, karma, free will, ego, truth, God and much more. He brings out the essence of these existential complexities with depth, simplicity and humour. If Gurudev tells you why a liar is innocent, he also reminds you that this world is a wrapping Paper with the gift waiting within. If he gives you the address to the most beautiful spot in the universe, he tells you with utmost practicality why God is a thorough businessman. Gurudev’s simple, reassuring words immediately put your mind at ease and caress your soul. They are Laden with wisdom that does not just remain in the intellect, but is beautifully integrated into daily life. Millions of people have experienced that whichever note they opened in this book, It was just what they needed. Each note is an expression of profound love for anyone who wants to know life, The sincere seeker.

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For 7 years, starting 1995, Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar wrote weekly knowledge sheets. Millions all over the world experienced how this weekly wisdom was exactly what they needed to hear at that point in time- the perfect answer to your question. These knowledge sheets are intimate notes straight from the source, to a sincere seeker.


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Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

2 reviews for An Intimate Note To The Sincere Seeker- English

  1. Titiksha Jain

    Small pieces of wisdom relevant for everyday life. These one-page knowledge sheets give a greater depth and meaning to life. Each knowledge sheet helps us to move in life with ease.

  2. Tanya Arrora

    Sincere Seeker, is like a treasure of wisdom to me. Whenever I get stuck in my day-to-day life and doesn’t find a way out, I just close my eyes while keeping the book in front of me and opening it up I get all the answers through the knowledge sheet!! Such a profound knowledge in a simpler way !! Thanks to Gurudev .

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