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Indo Japan- Hindi

Indo Japan- Hindi

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The book presents facts with the present ethos behind the connection than as a historical account alone. This book is a part of the Connect over Millennia series from Bharath Gyan.


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Not many know that the cultural exchange between Japan and India is said to have blossomed as early as the 8th century when Buddhism was introduced in Japan. Many similarities can be linked to Indian culture, filtered through Buddhism, be it respect, peace or culture. Over the centuries India’s cultural exchange has had a great impact on Japanese culture. Find out in the book how striking similarities exist in the spheres of spirituality and language that are in place in Japan. The cultural connect from India are so strong that the affinity can be witnessed in Japan’s arts, sports, sciences too. It is so fascinating to get to know how this cultural exchange could have happened over the centuries between two great nations, thousands of kilometers apart, separated by the sea. This one of a kind book will leave you mesmerized as you get to know the subtle similarities that are deep-rooted in their ideals. This does not stop at this as you get to know how the current Indo-Japan relationship has grown multi fold with sharing of technologies and exploring business possibilities. Know the source of the Japanese people’s sense of closeness to India.

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