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We all want peace of mind, a mind free of negative thoughts and emotions. There are two ways to get to that state. Either by cultivating the mind or simply by letting go and surrendering. The ancient Indian belief is that as human we are puppets in the hands of angels. Often one finds that one is not responsible for the emotions that one experiences. The cosmic forces and the vibrations all around us affect us. These cosmic forces can be called angels. ‘Disha Pranaam’ (Bowing Down Technique) is a simple process by which we can conquer these forces through the power of love.

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DISHA PRANAM ‘Disha Pranam’ means bowing down to the various directions-north, south, east, west. When you’re born you’re pure and unsullied. But as you grow older all kinds of negative emotions and thoughts take hold of your mind and make life difficult and arduous. Since you’re not able to do anything about it except fight them all the time. You feel that it is your destiny and life feels the crunch. Unfortunately it is the tendency of the mind to latch on to the negative as opposed to the good and the positive. There are two ways to free your mind. The first is by cultivating the mind (that requires more skill and time). The second is by simply letting go, surrendering. But whom do you surrender to?
Often you finds that you aren’t responsible for the emotions that you experience. The cosmic forces and the vibrations all around affect you. These cosmic forces are vibrations and can be called angels. The ancients believed that humans are puppets in the hands of these angels. Surrendering to the angels of each direction help you to rid your mind of the clutter. The North rules anger and arrogance. The South is dominated by lust and obsession. The East mires you in attachment and entanglement. The West is controlled by greed and jealousy.
With this thought in your mind that you aren’t responsible for the negative emotions and thoughts crowding your mind, facing the direction surrender them to the angel, the energy, the devata responsible for them. The CD is available in Malayalam, Hindi, Kannada, Telugu and Tamil.

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Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar


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