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Devotees Of Vishnu – English

Devotees Of Vishnu - English

Maha Vishnu and his avatars have showcased many a times about how compassionate he was towards his devotees.


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Vishnu, known as the Preserver in the Hindu trinity, has one of the largest number of devotees. It is believed that whenever evil is on the rise, Vishnu comes in one of his incarnations to destroy it and uphold justice. From the beleaguered gods, who find themselves weak and ineffective against demons, to five-year-old Dhruva, his youngest devotee, Vishnu comes to help all those who call on him with faith. This collection includes the story of Prahlad, who is persecuted by his own father for his devotion to Vishnu, stories of Narada, the wandering sage, who has to be often puled out of trouble by Vishnu and also tales of Vishnu taken from the Bhagawat Purana.




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