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Ayodhya War & Peace – English

Ayodhya War & Peace - English

Ayodhya is the city founded by the Suryavamsa, solar dynasty kings. Rama was born and ruled from there 7100 years ago. The lineage of the solar dynasty spread not only to different parts of India but also to different parts of the world.This work traces the history of Ayodhya and this lineage through the lands, through the times. Ayodhya and the values that Rama stood for, have been an inspiration to peoples through the times. In the last 500 years, Ayodhya has been at the crossroads of history.

This book offers a solution not just to disentangle ourselves from the present imbroglio alone but more importantly to rejuvenate Ayodhya once again as an inspirational city with values to live by, in times to come.


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Rama is a historical king of this land. This work looks at the historicity of Rama from an inter-disciplinary approach, integrating finds from the fields of – LITERATURE – LOCAL TRADITIONS – ARCHAEO-ASTRONOMY – GEOGRAPHY – ARCHAEOLOGY – MARINE ARCHAEOLOGY Discover the antiquity and historicity of the legendary hero Rama and events of Ramayana, along with one of the oldest surviving man-made structure of this world – THE NALA SETU.

The book “Ayodhya War and Peace”, traces the history of Ayodhya, one of the oldest cities of the world, continuously lived in, for 7100 years and more. This book traces the spread of the biological lineage of Rama and the Suryavamsa, to the different parts of the world. It not only offers a Pan Theo solution to disentangle Ayodhya from its present imbroglio but more importantly also proposes ways to restore Ayodhya, as a city that once again can instill values to live by, in times to come.

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