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Guided Meditation by Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar on expanding consciousness.

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Discover how the aura, the energy around you starts illuminating brighter and and at a higher frequency by embracing meditation into your groove. Our subtle body and mind are connected through the energy points, meditation helps to create this pathway so that the aura around us gets radiated with its grandeur. The secret of being Aura Personified In Greek mythology, Aura is considered a deity, which means a breeze. A breeze is a gentle wind that can be experienced in a casual manner. However, the effect of that breeze is felt for few moments and whoever feels it will be longing for more. It is such kind of aura that seems to naturally attract people to them. It is said that there are several ways to develop a magnetic personality or that aura around you, but the best way to do is being spiritually active through meditation which facilitates the strengthening of your mind. Many of them who are in the spiritual path and are practicing meditation regularly have this to say, “ Aura is in the mind, the reason for being balanced in a holistic way and everyone around can experience the centeredness within you which in turn makes you more present, compassionate and empathetic with people no matter the situation. With time and practice, one can start seeing results of magnetizing your aura. It may vary from person to person. But you can be confident that you will be aura personified as you will open yourself up to a more positive social life by attracting more people to you! More than a worth to give it a real Try!

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Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar


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