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Abhimanyu – English

Abhimanyu - English

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Abhimanyu is often thought of as a brave warrior on the Pandava side, willingly giving up his life in war at a very young age. Abhimanyu was praised for his audacious bravery and absolute loyalty to his father and his uncles. He was killed unfairly in the battle field.


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The Kaurava had made a fateful error. Lusting after their cousins’ kingdom, they underestimated young Abhimanyu’s determination and ability to defend it. Brilliantly distilled in this handsome and much-loved Pandava prince where his father Arjuna’s courage, Lord Krishna’s wisdom, and the patience, strength and gentle humility of his uncles. Even as he thwarted his enemies’ ambitions, Abhimanyu earned their grudging admiration and a very special place in the saga of the Mahabharata.




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